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Sound Healing

All atoms in all molecules are constantly vibrating. These vibrations can be experienced as the energy produced as the vibrations pass through a medium.  The human body, being more than 60% water, is a perfect medium for receiving sound waves!  Sound healing integrates music, ancient wisdom, healing arts, and modern science to “fine tune” the body, restoring balance and activating the body’s natural healing abilities. While historic research tells us that almost all cultures…ancient and modern…have incorporated music in healing, now modern medical research is beginning to help us understand how this works. Our cells can actually get “out of tune,” if you will, from stress, exposure to bacteria and viruses, and other influences. Cell membranes have receptors resembling antennae which vibrate and detect light or sound energy. The vibrations from musical sounds are intercepted by cells to help the body to return to a natural, healthy state. 

About Me

I've been a singer and pianist all my life and understand the ways that music can move me to tears with its beauty or provide an outlet for emotions. After retiring from a career in education, I learned about sound healing from online research and became interested in the scientific research illuminating the traditional practices found in cultures since recorded history began. This led me to study with Sound Healing Academy and immerse myself in the coursework and reading. Through my practice with individuals, I have come to see how I can share the healing and restorative power of sound. I want to share this experience with others…to provide unique and individualized opportunities to participate in this amazing stress-relief and restorative practice.

In the spring of 2021, I became a Tutor with the Sound Healing Academy. 

Education and Certifications

Level 2 One-to-one Sound Healing Diploma - Sound Healing Academy

Level 1 Sound Healing Certification - Sound Healing Academy

Music and Wellness Leadership Training - Jim Donovan

Master of Education - Lesley University

Bachelor of Music - Wesleyan College

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